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Drucken und Ausrüstung

Except for the quality issue also the appearance of a promotional product is important when it comes to represent your brand. We are experts in all kind of printing methods, including laser engraving, embossing, embroidering etc. We look forward to advising you how to transform a regular promotion item into a high class branded product.

Tampon printing
An elastic stamp (tampon) extracts color from a steel plate, into which a printing pattern has been etched. The color is then transferred onto the article to be printed. The printing method is suitable for smooth and/or slightly rounded surfaces but also for textured ones. Due to the possibility to produce very fine steel plates the contours of the printing appear very sharp.

Screen printing
While screen printing, the ink penetrates a textile screen to be printed directly on the item in question. The method is suitable for little to non textured surfaces only, i.e. for textiles and / or plastic products.

Transfer printing
Two steps are needed. At first the image is being printed onto a substratum to be subsequently attached to the article to be printed. When printing onto textile materials the transfer necessitates heat and pressure (thermal transfer). For printing onto porcelain the transfer necessitates moisture (wet transfer).

Digital printing
Digital printing is one of the latest printing methods. Due to the possibility of printing comparatively small quantities at affordable prices this method is gaining importance. Normally ink jet printers are used for digital printing.

Laser engraving
A very fine and most durable way of personalization! Suitable for plastic-, wooden- and metal surfaces.

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