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As the exclusive agent of Pilot for Switzerland we represent one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of writing instruments.

Mr. Ryosuke NAMIKI, a mechanical engineer and professor at the Tokyo Merchant Marine Collage, established the company in 1918 . 20 years later the company was renamed to PILOT PEN Co Ltd. Nowadays Pilot is represented on all 5 continents employing more than 2500 staff. Some product information:

Begreen - positive for the environment
In 2006 Pilot introduced a new product line called “BegreeN”. All items are made of recycled materials. The world’s first and comprehensive line of writing instruments is selling at the same price like conventionally produced items i.e. without any surcharge! All Pilot factories, including the Annecy (FR) unit, are ISO certified.

A resolutely modern writing instrument, the Capless fountain pen is equipped with a retractable gold nib and is flight safe. The world’s only push mechanism operates the same way as is common for ball point pens.

Represents a line of ball point pens with a double twist mechanism. While twisting once a device appears which when twisting twice presents the refill, ready for writing.

FriXion Family
REVOLUTIONARY!!! Write, delete, repeat as often as needed. The thermo sensitive ink technology, patented by PILOT, offers a sensationally smooth writing experience. The ink writing is erasable by an integrated eraser positioned at the shaft end. The FriXion family consists of a ROLLERball, a rollerPOINT (hi-tecpoint), a CLICKERpen and a HI-LITER. Additional new products will be introduced shortly.

The complete Pilot range can be seen on
As we cater to resellers only, end users will find our products in stationery shops and with mass merchants.

Laser engraving:
Is a beautiful and sustainable way how to personalize a product. It can be applied to synthetic-, wooden- and metal surfaces.

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